UK Students Ski Trip Goes Awry When US Hotel Allegedly Destroys Their Passports

A group of 42 students and four staff members from the United Kingdom were left scrambling when the hotel they were staying at allegedly destroyed most of their passports. The school group from Walsall, England, were visiting New Hampshire for a week-long school ski trip.

The group stayed at the Kancamagus Lodge in Lincoln, New Hampshire, whose motto is “Come as a guest, leave as a friend”.

Katie Hibbs, the head teacher of Barr Beacon Head School in Walsall, England, told News 9 on Sunday that 42 students and four staff members were left waiting in New York to receive their emergency documents after 41 of the passports were destroyed by the hotel.

The hotel hasn’t released a statement yet on why the passports were destroyed.

The group spent a couple of extra days in New York waiting for new travel documents and have since been able to travel back to the United Kingdom.


  1. @glen – my theory is it was one of those shredder services where they pick up a whole basket and run it through because no way someone manually put a bunch of passports through a shredder

  2. Why would the hotel hold on to the passports? Why not one of the school administrators or the students themselves? And how/WHY were they “destroyed?”

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