At What Point Do A Punk Rocker’s Shoes Become A Weapon?

I just returned from a timely vacation in Sweden, taking advantage of a 32,000 Delta SkyMiles roundtrip flash sale. While going through security at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, I noticed that the female passenger ahead of me was wearing metal-studded shoes. She was accompanied by a male companion who was wearing a metal-studded jacket.

a person wearing black clothes and a backpack

I wondered at what point do studded shoes or anything metallic become a weapon in today’s security theater?

A google search on guidance didn’t really come up with anything. I did find a Punk Rock Traveler blog dedicated to “…QUIRKY GUIDES TO VARIOUS LOCALES FOR PUNKS, ACTIVISTS, VEGANS & VEGETARIANS, GOTHS, AND OTHER COUNTER CULTURE FOLKS.”

Their advice was:

3. Don’t wear your studded belts and jewelry through security. If you can, take out piercings, how ever momentarily. I understand it’s not always possible, but I’d rather take out my earrings than use the body scanner. Remember, excessive zippers can also set off the metal detector.

I know you’re saying, ‘Don’t be ridiculous, they aren’t a threat in any way,’ and I totally agree. However, if members of the Norwegian Death Metal band Gorgoroth had worn their stage costumes onboard, perhaps there would be more cause for concern.

a group of people in clothing

They will set off some security checkpoints. Courtesy

The Swedish Band “Teddybears” may have given me the answer in their hit “Punkrocker” featuring Iggy Pop.

You can hear me laughing to myself
You can hear the music in my head
Cause I’m a punkrocker, yes I am
Well I’m a punkrocker, yes I am

The Swedish punk rocker on my flight would laugh at me for even bringing up the absurd notion that punk rocker’s shoes are a cause for concern. Specifically when metal studs are involved, it will not potentially trigger an issue with airport security, prompting additional scrutiny or concerns to arise because she was just a punkrocker, yes she was.

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