Snuffed out: Candle can’t hide this woman’s hotel secret

A woman in Kentucky has been arrested after her friend was found dead in her hotel room, as reported by WDRB.

Hotel employees became concerned when a strong odor emanated from a hotel room on their property, though they did not initially suspect foul play, assuming the smell came from wet carpet or an old bucket of mop water.

Police were called to the room to further investigate the smell.

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When the officers went inside the room, they noticed a male laying on the bed that was covered up with a sheet,” said Barrow. “And they also noticed that the male had advanced stages of decomposition.

The woman living in the room with the decomposed body stated that he had been deceased for at least five or six days. She had attempted to mask the smell of the decomposing body with candles, but the odor throughout the hotel was too pungent. She now faces charges of failure to report a death, abuse of a corpse, and evidence tampering.

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