Post Malone’s Secret Makeover: Utah Resident Gives Raising Cane’s a New Look

Utah hasn’t really been the coolest state. We had the Osmonds in the 70s, Steve Young, the Sundance Institute founder and actor Robert Redford in the 80s, and Stockton and Malone in the 80s, and David Archuleta in the 2000s.

We can’t seem to shake off the perception of not being cool. Even when we have events like the NBA All-Star game, Charles Barkley goes on national TV and calls Salt Lake City a “Boring Ass City“.

We have beautiful national parks, world-class skiing, well-maintained Olympic venues, and the best-kept secret of Bear Lake with its incredible raspberry shakes.

Imagine our delight when, for some reason, Post Malone decided to move to Utah. Now the local news is filled with Post Malone sightings, and he has even become our favorite Malone, surpassing Karl Malone.

a painting of two men on a wall

Stockton and Malone

Raising Cane’s arrived in Utah in early 2022, with long lines and multiple locations. It was surprising when the original location shut down and started to be painted pink. Local residents were confused as to how such a popular place could go out of business so quickly.

It turns out that it was actually a complete redesign led by Post Malone.

a pink building with a sign

Photo Courtesy Raising Canes

a man talking to another man

Courtesy Fox 13

a group of people standing in front of a truck

Courtesy Fox 13

The Raising Cane’s now features outfits, shoes, and guitars that Post Malone wore on tour. There is even a special Posty Way meal that comes with a sticker, collector’s cup, special napkin, and four chicken fingers, fries, Cane’s sauce, and unsweetened tea/lemonade mix.

So, while Utah is still considered pretty uncool, Post Malone is trying to change that.

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