First Class Passenger Ditches Louis Vuitton Shoes and Puts Bare Feet on In-Flight Entertainment TV

Sadl Brad, a contributor to a Delta Sky Miles forum, was excited to have been upgraded to First Class on his flight from New York (JFK) to Sint Maarten (SXM). However, he was repulsed by a passenger in the first row of First Class who shed his $1200 Louis Vuitton shoes for the entire flight and put his bare feet all over the place.

He put his bare feet on the wall and the in-flight entertainment screen the entire flight.

bare feet

Bare Feet on the Screen

“You can buy First Class, but you can’t buy class” remarked someone in the comments.

Putting your bare feet on the in-flight entertainment screen is extremely disgusting and unacceptable behavior. It shows a complete lack of consideration for fellow passengers and a disregard for basic hygiene. Not only is it unsanitary to put bare feet on surfaces that are shared by multiple people, but it also creates an uncomfortable and unpleasant environment for others.

a man sitting in an airplane

Other commenters wondered why someone from Delta Air Lines didn’t do something.

a person's legs on a seat

Sadl mentioned that the passenger also went to the bathroom multiple times while still barefoot, putting his feet back on the wall and in-flight entertainment center.

Should someone from Delta Air Lines have done something? What would you have done in this situation?



  1. Absolutely the FA and/or flight crew ought to have informed the passenger, politely but with complete “non-negotiable” firmness, that he was obligated to put his shoes back on, or at least to keep his (bare?) feet 100% on the floor of the seat area. Refusal to do so ought to have earned said passenger a complimentary “deplaning.”

  2. If I were a flight attendant and saw that, I’d have no problem to request that the passenger remove his feet from the cabin wall. And I’d make sure I made the requests was said very loud. Agree with the quote “you can by first class but not have class”. Disgusting entitled and ignorant passenger.

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