Passenger’s Inconsiderate Grooming Habits Leave Delta Flight Covered in Shaved Whiskers

I’ve seen plenty of stories of people letting their hair hang over their chair, or putting their bare feet on the walls of an airplane but this story might perhaps top them all. During boarding, a man decided to pull out his electric razor and sent shaved whiskers flying all over the plane.

a man sitting in a plane

Is manscaping next?

A Reddit user snapped this picture on his recent flight of a man in First Class going full Edward Scissorhands and shaving his facial hair during boarding.

In the post, flight attendants shared stories of other bad behavior, including seeing a passenger cutting toenails, a woman applying lotion to her feet during meal service, and a poopy diaper change at the seat. Additionally, an older woman was spotted trimming her husband’s nose hairs with small scissors.

According to the poster, the shaving ordeal lasted for over 20 minutes.

Jerry Seinfeld famously asked, “Who is shaving on a plane?” Now, we have the answer.

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