Southwest Passenger Deploys Makeshift Mannequin to Occupy Adjacent Seat

Everyone loves an empty seat next to them. With Southwest’s open seat policy, any available seat is fair game. Consequently, a passenger hastily fashioned a makeshift mannequin to occupy the adjacent seat and dissuade anyone from sitting next to them.

Tiktok user muscadinebloodline8 shared a video of an enterprising Southwest Passenger using a fake dummy made of his hand, a hat, and a hoodie to make the seat next to him occupied.

He finally showed the camera his ingenious invention.

a group of people on a plane

Who you call a dummy?

The video shows multiple people walk by as they assumed the seat was taken.

The video cuts short, so I don’t know if he ultimately succeeded in convincing everyone not to sit by him, but I give him an A+ for his effort.

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