Delta Air Lines Elevates Boarding Experience with Seat Numbers Displayed on In-Flight Entertainment Screens

A Reddit user posted a picture of seat numbers being displayed on in-flight entertainment screens during boarding. In what may be a test, but hopefully will become permanent, this is another graphical way to nudge passengers to find their correct seat.

Airlines are always looking for ways to speed up the boarding process. Recently, United Airlines announced that they will be boarding window seats, middle seats, and then aisle seats to expedite the process.

a seats on an airplane with a screen

I appreciate the addition of seat numbers to help people find their seats. I have accidentally sat in the wrong seat a couple of times, sloppily looking at the overhead seat number and then mistakenly sitting in the wrong seat.

I would like to see them add the passenger’s surname on the in-flight screen to help people quickly find and sit in the correct seat.

I actually think a long-term strategy should be to adopt the Swedish movie seating scenario used by Filmstaden, where seats are numbered 1 – 100 (or however many seats there are) with no rows at all. This makes it super easy to find your seat without getting confused by row A seat 1 vs row B seat 2. Instead, it’s seat 1 vs seat 15.


  1. Please no surnames. Nobody else needs to know my name especially as it’s a rare one in the US. I say this as a former member of airline management who had passengers read their ID badge then attempt to harass on social media and even find my phone number.

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