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Mormon missionaries in Panamá evacuated back to the US in a C-130 military plane

Mormon missionaries in Panamá got to experience something unusual in their return journey to the United States. They flew in a C-130 plane during their evacuation back to the United States on Monday. The flight from Panama to Texas would take about 8 hours. Texas is the closest base for the C-130. The Mormon church,…

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Improvements have been made for future Mormon missionary pickups at Salt Lake City Airport

The response from both Utah’s political leaders and national media was swift regarding the mob like scene on Monday night at the Salt Lake City Airport. Picking up a @Ch_JesusChrist missionary at @slcairport? Congrats! NOTE:🛩 Remain in vehicle 🛩One vehicle allowed per missionary🛩 Park on 2nd level of short-term garage🛩 Airport staff will direct missionaries…

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