Thailand Trip Day 5 Island Hopper Excursion

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We decided it was time to try one of the excursions offered up by the Hilton hotel. We decided on the island hopper which basically would be a whole day cruise to different islands.

They picked us up at the hotel and took us down to the docks where the boats were. There was quite an international flavor to the tourists there. In our group we had a couple from Switzerland, Italy, India, America, and Germany.

We strapped on our lifejackets and set off on our island cruise.

Barbeque lunch at one of the Island stops

Tsunami warning signs with instructions on evacuation

This is Viking Cave. Locals live in the caves for months at a time. They collect the nests of the swift bird, used to make an expensive Chinese delicacy.

The cove from one of the James Bond films, 1974s “The Man With the Golden Gun”.

It had been a long day. We came back and just decided to order room service. I made a quick dash to town to pick up our laundry that we had taken to a local cleaner.

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