Thailand trip Day 2

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a plate of food on a tray

We landed in Taipei after a long, but comfortable flight. We had a lot of time before our flight to Bangkok so we headed to the China Airlines lounge. The lounge was huge. They had lots of free food and drinks there, including noodles and soup made to order, dim sum, and pot stickers. It was delicious.

We left the lounge to wait for our flight and saw this sign that was a bit interesting.

a sign on a wall

We boarded the flight to Taipei heading for Bangkok. Another comfortable flight. We now had to wait for our Thai Airlines flight to Phuket. At this point, we were really getting tired.

I couldn’t believe how huge the plane going from Bangkok to Phuket was and the plane was filled to capacity.

We arrived to Phuket and went to the Hilton booth at the airport. Our driver was waiting for us there and whisked us off to the other side of town to the resort.

They had a covered drop off point for all passengers as no cars are allowed onto the resort for safety purposes. A covered roof shuttle picked us up and took us to the front desk area. This resort is massive!

At this time, we were Gold members of the Hilton Club. We were hoping for a free upgrade, but not expecting it.

We went to the Hilton Honors desk where we were asked to take a seat in the lounge. Two fresh fruit drinks were brought to us while we waited.

two glasses of pink liquid on a table

We were brought our room keys and we were escorted to our room. He walked us to the Lotus Wing. We took the elevators up to the 9th floor. We had received an upgrade and would have lounge access as well. The room was big and very nice.
a bird bath with flowers in it
a bed with white sheets and a red and gold striped blanket
a flower on a bed
a bowl of fruit on a table
a bathroom with a marble countertop and a mirror
a group of small bottles with a towel on a tray
a room with a television and a table
a pool surrounded by trees
a table and chairs on a patio


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