Credit card churning success

For the past two years my wife and I have been doing some serious heavy duty credit card churning to rack up miles.

In the back of my mind, I figured that it was probably going to disqualify me from being able to refinance.

However, the recent significant drops in rates gave me the urge to at least try. I’m happy to report that I was recently approved for a refinance despite all of the heavy duty churning. They of course had a lot of questions about the amount of cards and amount of inquiries. I told them flat out the reason for it and we were still approved.

I know that each situation is different but thought that I would share my recent experience. Hello sub 4% for 15 years!



  1. Would you mind sharing how many cards / inquiries you had over the past couple years to get an idea of how serious your churning was (my parents are thinking about a refi as well but they have been doing some churning as well)

  2. I share the same concerns too (wasn’t sure how my credit score may have dropped with recent cc apps), but I recently locked in a great rate similar to yours for 15 years! (Technically, it’s not finalized until we actually “close” on it, so I’m still hoping it all goes smoothly in the next few weeks)

    Congratulations! I know where you’re coming from as I’m just as excited too!

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