A great start to our trip

We were upgraded to first class as the last two seats available on the redeye to Atlanta. I feared that our infant would cry the whole time, but she slept the whole way. It was a much better experience than we would have fared in row 42. The terminal was packed with people. It looked like a lot of people about to head out onto some cruises based on the amount of canes and horrible flower print shirts.

I’m sitting in the Skyclub in Terminal T at the Hartsfield airport and I must say I am unimpressed. We got in for free with vouchers compliments of our Suntrust checking account opening last year.

I would never pay $350+ for this club. The food spread consists of bagels, cookies, a jar of apples, and some mixed nuts. I went to the drink section and got a flat Sprite and some generic orange juice. The orange juice tastes even worse than Sunny D which can be had for about $2 a gallon. I know that the clubs can vary from location to location – but nothing about this club screams value.

We’ve got a long layover and then it’s off to the Nassau Hilton. Our suitcase is filled with baby food, let’s hope it makes it in one piece!

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