A busy end to the year

As this year of 2010 draws to a close, there has been a flurry of activity in the last month.

Currently I’m doing the following activities:

  • Daily Foursquare check in to both Holiday Inn and Hilton
  • Spending $25 on all of our American Express cards at small business to get the statement credit
  • Spending the $25 bonus on all three of the American Express Pass cards (this one was targeted)
  • Making purchases on six Suntrust debit cards (1 personal and 5 business) for myself, my wife, and my mom
  • Continuing to get gold coins into circulation throughout the community
  • Reaching for the final $4000 spend left on the American Express Platinum Delta card to get the 10,000 MQMs for rollover MQMs for 2011.
  • Making 5 debit cards purchases on our Continental Chase bank accounts per month
  • Spending $1000 in 3 months on the brand new American Express Platinum card for 50,000 Membership Reward Points

    As I look at this list, I see that this hobby has turned into an obsession that is reaping huge rewards. I am learning some many things from others in the frequent flyer community as well as learning to maximize the offers out there.

    As our frequent flyer mileage balances continue to grow, I get excited about all of the places I’ve never been and will be able to visit with no to low cost.

    I also wanted to thank all of the readers out there who have been passing along tips.

    As I look to the year 2011, I am truly humbled at the opportunity I have to work at a job I love with a loving, supporting family who allows me to dabble in this hobby. I wish to each of you that your 2011 will be the best year for your hotel and airline mileage balances.


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    1. Jason
      Thanks so much for posting this, as I too am doing many of the things you have listed and it does take quite a bit of organizing in order to keep all of this going. On the Suntrust Bank deal, are you making purchases for the 1 personal and 5 business’ times 3(you, your wife and your mom)? Do you know if the personal suntrust account can have addtional users for additional miles?
      Thanks again for your help, I owe you bigtime!

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