The Cruise is half over

We’re half way done with our cruise. The staff has been extremely nice, the accommodations have been top notch, but I’m realizing that cruising isn’t our style.

I’ll have a full write up after we’re done of the pluses and minuses plus some money saving tips for those of you taking this particular line.

Our Maldives trip is coming quickly and I can not wait.


  1. Jason
    I am with you on that one! I went on my first cruise last summer after 15 years of traveling and I don’t think I could do another cruise (unless it was in an exotic place and less commercial!)
    Can’t wait to hear about your Maldives trip after you go! I am a diver, so always wanted to go there! give us the details as to how you get there and how many points!

  2. @worldtraveller2 – I agree, now that the cruise is over, I’m done cruising. Will make sure and post all the details about Maldives

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