My cruise on the Liberty of the Seas part 2

Miami Marriott Biscanye Bay
My cruise on the Liberty of the Seas part 1
My cruise on the Liberty of the Seas part 2

There was so much to do on the cruise ship. Lots of pools and lots of activities including:

We went to the ABBA show – it was an hour of ABBA songs done really, really well – some Swedes in the audience were about to have a heartattack.

We attempted to go the ice show but it was completely full and they turned people away. If you wish to attend, I suggest getting there very early.

We also went to a musical revue where they had various songs from various decades – once again, very well done and very professional.

They had a bingo night as well which we of course lost at even though we each bought six cards.

There was a full size basketball court, a rock climbing wall, a flow rider, and a full size track around the entire cruise ship. It was often too windy to actually run on it.

One night there was a 1970s disco on the Promenade. They had a DJ and the cruise director with underlings dancing up above while the cruise members down below were getting down to some funky 70s hits.

Another night they had a 1980s dance with everyone’s favorite hits including Duran Duran, Cyndi Lauper, and Bon Jovi.

Even though there was plenty to do, lots to eat, and some pretty nice destinations, I walked away from the cruise knowing that it was my last.

Don’t get me wrong – the Liberty of the Seas is a fantastic ship, the crew was very friendly and overall we had a great time but the rocking of the boat was a bit much and I always felt so rushed to do something. By the time you got to the ports of call it felt like it was time to turn around and get back on the boat.

I much prefer to get to a destination and do whatever I wish whether it be laying at the pool all day, seeing sites, or eating at local restaurants without having to rush to get back on the boat.

To those of you who enjoy cruises – I would recommend the Liberty of the Seas. I, however, will be satisfied with never going another cruise ship again.


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