Thoughts from my current trip

I’m in the midst of a quick jaunt to Sweden, Germany, and Cyprus. Some quick thoughts:

1. Overheard a husband and wife arguing about who should get the upgrade at the Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris. I wrote about my own debate here.

The guy was digging in his heels and bringing out all the stops. First he talked about how he was 6’2″ and economy seats just weren’t comfortable. When that didn’t sway her – he went to the “ambien won’t work on my body because I’m so big” card. I finally walked away knowing that he just had bought himself months and months of hell.

2. Why is it that people insist on talking on their cell phones in the bathroom stalls? Is that call really that important? It just seems a bit unsavory to me so I made sure and get in an extra couple of flushes so the person on the other end of the call would realize what was going on.

Sorry for the delay in the Maldives write up!


  1. I wonder about no.2 as well. Almost 90% of the time when I stop by a restroom in any given American airport, I hear people talking in the bathroom stalls..

  2. Speaking of Sweden…Parks and Rec last night, Chris had ‘Lagom’ written on a whiteboard as he explained organizational restructuring to the team. I don’t think he ever explained what it was but it was nice and prominent! Ron’s new Swedish desk was pretty hilarious too. I won’t explain more in case you’ve recorded it to watch when you get home.

    On another note, will we be able to handle Mark Cuban’s ego if the Mavs win the NBA Championship?

  3. What hotel are you staying at on Cyprus? I don’t believe there is a Four Seasons Hotel on the island managed by the Toronto-based chain. Might be someone “borrowing” the name…but don’t confuse it with the real thing.

  4. @nybanker i am here now and it certainly is a Four Seasons – the branding is everywhere

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