Wear your luggage instead of checking it

I saw a bit on the news about this last night. There is a company that is offering a jacket with gigantic pockets so that you don’t have to check your luggage. It’s called the “Rufus Roo“.

They brag that you can put up to 22 lbs of items (including a laptop) in the oversized pockets, put the jacket on and avoid those pesky bag checking fees.

To me it looks pretty unappealing – as unappealing as putting a passport / ticket holder around your neck. So what do you think – would you wear this visually unappealing jacket to save a couple of bucks?


  1. It may be visually unappealing but I think there is a lot of market potential here. Especially if the jacket itself cna be folded into a bag

  2. I think it is a great idea, until they limit the amount of weight you can be to step onto a plane!

  3. …but Scott eVest products at least look like they’re concealing the load. And look a heck of a lot better than this “I’M WEARING A SLEEPING BAG!” vibe.


  4. Nothing says you have to actually wear it. I always carry a coat in case the plane is cold. I would consider carrying this if I could save some money.

  5. I’ve actually done this in theory, putting heavy shoes, power cables, and other heavy items in pockets of my overcoat. You don’t wear the thing around all day/flight… you only wear it to walk past either the “carry on scale guy” (like at ICN) or the gate ticket check. At all other times you have the coat in your 22″ roller which is no where near full as much of what’s packed is in your coat.

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