A quick way to get your points on credit cards

Recently I participated in the (perhaps) targeted 1000 Free Priority Club points offer. At the end of the video, a credit card offer was given for 80,000 Priority Club points. I did the same video for my wife and her offer was for 60,000 Priority Club points.

80,000 points were too good to pass up, so I went ahead and applied for the card and was approved. There was no annual fee the first year and no minimum spend either.

When the card arrived, I called customer service to activate my card. One of the perhaps overlooked benefits is that you can set your own billing date if you ask them. I set my billing date to three days from the time I activated my card. As soon as I hung up the phone, I went online and made a purchase.

Three days later my billing date hit and just like that, 80000 points were in my account. I know that most cards today have minimum spends, but for those that don’t – this is a quick way to get your points!


  1. The billing date change is a slick tip, thanks!

    I was booking an HI Express this weekend and saw Priority Club recently upped their points + cash price to $70 per 10,000 (used to be $60 per 10,000) so you’re getting more value from those 80k points too.

  2. @jason – this does not always work with AMEX cards (not the gift cards)and may in fact work the other way. For example, say you get the card on the 1st(and by default then have a close on the 1st), and you ask for the 15th, then your first statement may not close for 45 days as it takes a cycle to start the new date. 🙁

    Unless you want the extra time then this can be great! 🙂

  3. Even if they have minimum spends, this works also. Just make the minimum spend. One way is to buy an Amex Gift Card through Big Crumbs for the amount of the minimum spend.

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