Travel treasures on eBay

There are treasures in regards to travel out there that perhaps you’ve been overlooking because you aren’t frequenting eBay as much as you should. I’m here to help you in your quest to find that perfect gift for the travel enthusiast.

Delta Hot Entree Plates

Relive the luxury of getting served an entree on an actual plate at home with these Delta Air Lines Pfaltzgraff Collectible Hot Entree Plates. Now you can enjoy dinner with the entire family with microscopic portions. Priced at $9.99 – these plates would make an excellent stocking stuffer.

1967 United Airlines ad

During this time, United Airlines stewardesses were trained to spot businessmen who were tired and just wanted to go home. Perhaps the businessman wanted a sizzling steak or broiled lobster or just wanted to spend some time listening to six stations of music. Relive how it used to be with this ad priced at $8.99, which is a 10% savings from the usual $9.99 price.

Marriott Rewards Elite Room Key

Why try and qualify for Marriott Rewards Platinum each year with 75 nights when instead you can purchase this Elite Room Key for $.99. You’ll have no idea the respect you’ll garner as you flash this key down at the pool. Extra towels? Check. Preferred suntanning chair? Perhaps. Complimentary frosty beverages? No. Rub shoulders with the elite in the lobby because you’ve got your Elite Room Key.

Used Qantas First Class Pyjamas

In this era of sustainability, why not recycle some old pajamas? Listed as “vintage” instead of “was cleaning out a closet and found these crumpled in a corner”, these pajamas have “no rips or stains” and luckily come with an “unused toothbrush and toothpaste” and are priced at $10.99. Thankfully only expedited shipping at a cost of $18.00 is available so that you will be able to quickly snuggle up with a loved one.



  1. I’ve got lots of travel memorabilia from eBay. Many safety cards, business and first class amenity kits, even an inflatable life vest!

  2. I’ve got a good number of those Marriott Elite room keys–It’s almost more surprising when I am not given one!
    Anyway, good to know that I can put them to good use by selling them on eBay!

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