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I landed in the airport in Accra. A business colleague was waiting for me at the airport. We took a cab to the Holiday Inn Accra. I have been very impressed with Holiday Inns internationally and the one in Accra was to the same quality. The lobby was extremely large. The rooms were very clean and very comfortable.





After dropping all my stuff off of at my room, I headed down to have dinner by the pool. The weather was very comfortable, a little bit breezy. The restaurant at the Holiday Inn had an open grill outside where you could have any number of proteins prepared for you. I chose the steak with was prepared perfectly.

The following day was spent in business meetings most of the day. We stopped at a mall to have lunch where I noticed this sign in the restroom.

Sage advice

Sage advice

I suppose that a dirty toilet is a problem here but thought the sign was funny nonetheless. After a full day of meetings, I was glad to return to the Holiday Inn and crash as the next day I would be headed to Elmina.


  1. I stayed at the same hotel in november after an evening flight into Accra before heading out to the Cape Coast. I agree it was a really good hotel and much better that Holiday Inns in the US. I missed the toilet sign though, and as I have a particular fondness for wacky signs, feel somewhat cheated (!) and also would have taken a photo of it had I seen it.

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