The card that outblings the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

I’m used to pulling out my Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and having merchants ooh and aah at how downright cool the card is. It’s rigid and heavy and something entirely unique.

The folks at Sberbank in Kazakhstan have decided to raise the stakes by making a new Visa card that includes gold and diamonds.

Having that much bling on the card makes it so you won’t actually be able to swipe the card as there’s no magnetic strip- but it will work for chip transactions that require a PIN. Plus you would probably want to waive that card around to people anyways so who needs it to be able to swipe?

This card is intended for Sberbank’s 100 top customers and they’re planning on rolling it out to other Asian markets.

Disclaimer: There were no affiliate links used in any part of this article. I know you’re disappointed. In fact, you probably have to be from Kazakhstan in order to get this offer. Having been to Kazakhstan, I don’t think this card is cool enough to warrant going to Kazakhstan.



  1. AMEX black what? That thing is out of this world. Any chance Chase wants to one-up some Khazak bank?

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