Review of Star Noodle restaurant in Lahaina

The following is a review of a restaurant that we ate at during a recent trip to Maui written by my wife Dealmom.

Star Noodle

Mixed flare asian cuisine in Hawaii. I ate here three times on my Maui vacation. I really thought it was amazing. I liked the toasted garlic in the Garlic Noodles-1/2 or full order. The Steamed Pork Buns had crispy pork belly-I expected dim sums, however these came out more of an open faced sandwich bun–a nice appetizer. I also had the Yakitori chicken. Singapore Noodles-I had these twice the first time the yellow curry was a little stronger compared to my second order of Singapore Noodles. This dish is at its best when you squeeze some of the provided citrus juice atop. At the servers recommendation I tried the Karaage Chicken-I did not expect to like it and I did! Star Udon noodles had a really savory pork broth. Desserts-I tried the Malasadas-kind of like a donut accompanied by chocolate, butterscotch and caramel sauces; and peanuts. And the trio of gelato-the flavors that day were ginger, a salty pineapple and apple pie. All were amazing-the apple pie gelato was like being Charlie in the Chocolate Factory-I could taste a crumb topping apple pie in the texture of gelato. Yum!

The decor is modern, simple-You can see the ocean but it is not dining with a view. It is located in a lightly industrial area. They have bar seating, a long communal table down the center and average tables along the windows. If you arrive after 4:30-5:00 PM expect to wait 30-60 minutes.

Funny Story-my second dining experience the server looked familiar. I realized she had been our server at another restaurant. I got her attention and she affirmed I indeed was not not crazy, that she was a manager at the other restaurant as three brothers own three restaurants. Of course, I had to ask what is the third-alas, I had eaten at all three and loved them all. More on those later.


Pork Belly Buns

Pork Belly Buns










  1. My wife was saying just yesterday how she needs more Star Noodle in her life…sounds like it’s time to plan another Maui trip!

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