Vladimir Putin – master of the impossible

I’ve always been amused by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin’s public relations antics.

I wonder if everyday Russians actually believe some of these publicity stunts. In the past couple of weeks, he drove a plane to try and help some cranes migrate.

In honor of his awesome publicity stunts, here is a ranking of my top 10 of all time.

10. Driving a Formula 1 car

9. Scaling walls

8. Vladimir Putin “saves” a TV crew from an untimely death at the hands of a Siberian Tiger

7.Scuba diving in the Black Sea. Who would uncover ancient artifacts on a scuba diving trip? It’s Vladimir of course! He happened to find an urn from the 6th century!

6.Shooting a whale with a crossbow. Did they have a submarine fire a torpedo at it to help the stunt?

5. Putin helps out in a submarine. Look! It’s an oil deposit!

4. Swimming across a Siberian river then riding horseback without a shirt on

3.Judo – alright, who is my first opponent who is going down? You there? Come here!

2.Fighting forest fires!

1. Vladimir Putin and a band of amateur hockey players play professional Russian hockey players.
Who scored the winning goal you ask? Vladimir Putin of course!


  1. Of course they’re publicity stunts, but most are not as ridiculous as you make it seem – taking an active interest in whale and tiger conservation, for instance, should be applauded.

    I, for one, think it’s pretty cool that they have an ex-KGB badass for a president/prime minister/whatever new top office he comes up with each year.

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