Trip report – Maui Day 2

Trip report – Maui
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We headed to breakfast with our Starwood Platinum plastic braceletes on. At breakfast we were given two choices: a free continental breakfast for 2, or we could upgrade to the full buffet breakfast for $10 each.

Rainbow VIP Terrace

Rainbow VIP Terrace


We decided to go ahead and try the continental breakfast.

Place setting for breakfast

The continental breakfast consisted of fresh squeezed orange juice, several piece of fruit, a couple of muffins, a croissant and a danish. There was also a yoghurt parfait with fruit and granola. Perfect amount of food to get the day started.

The continental breakfast

One of the reasons that we chose the Sheraton Maui was the expansive pool on the hotel grounds along with the proximity of swimming in the ocean right by black rock.

Dual lounger

We found that by eight AM the majority of the seats had been staked out by hotel guests. In order to obtain a towel, you go to the towel check in center and show your platinum wrist band. They in turn gave you as many towels as you wanted which we used to save an advantageous spot by the pool.

To save money on rentals, prior the trip I purchased snorkeling masks and breathing tubes for the both of us. These were actually the nice kind of snorkeling masks that has glass in them instead of the generic plastic. The snorkel rental place right on the Sheraton property was even kind to allow us to use a little of their mask defogger from time to time.

Black Rock is one of the most famous snorkeling places in Lahaina and shields beginners (like me) from the strong currents as long as you stay within the area that the rock is guarding and don’t go around the point. The water becomes immediately deep about 10 feet in to the water which was nice.

Several times a day, three massive sea turtles swam their way into the shielded part of Black Rock to feed.

Towards the afternoon, lots of kids and teenagers would climb up on the rocks and dive into the deep ocean.

It was the perfect combination of massive pool on the hotel grounds right by beach front and great snorkeling right off shore.

That night we went to Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop. I wrote a review of the place here.


  1. Nice pics. I love swimming at Black Rock! Though we always stay next door at the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel (pools are of no interest to me), that section of beach is quite lovely. I’m not brave enough to cliff dive from the end of Black Rock but it’s fun watching those who do. We’re headed back there in July.

  2. Thank you so much for the trip report. We are heading to Maui soon for the very first time, and look forward to read the rest of your trip report. Thanks.

  3. We’ve even heard whale song while snorkeling at Black Rock from whales swimming between Maui and Lanii. Totally awesome!

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