A chance to travel to Sweden

Each and everyone one of us usually has ancestors that came from another country. As an American traveling, I’m become appreciative of the different cultures, different landscapes, and different food varieties that are offered. Having ancestors that came from Sweden, I’m especially curious as to how they lived and struggled trying to survive back then.

A friend sent me a link to this concept. There is a TV show current playing in Sweden called “Allt för Sverige (Everything for Sweden)”. The concept is – they send 10 Americans who have Swedish ancestors back to Sweden to learn about the culture and to compete for a chance to meet their living relatives in Sweden.

I’ve been watching the series on YouTube. In the first episode, the 10 Americans go through a class on how to speak Swedish. They are then sent out to try out their newly learned language and then meet their neighbors for a “fika”. The look on the reserved Swedes faces as the Americans try to come into their house to eat snacks is priceless.

In another episode, the Americans have to compete with each other in a Swedish music contest. They have to listen to clips from Swedish artists such as ABBA, Europe, The Cardigans, and Håkan Hellström.

Personally, I have ancestors that came from Sweden – the show does a good job of putting the contestants through activities that their ancestors would have performed.

The show is looking for contestants to try out for the show. If you’re interested, the website is http://www.greatswedishadventure.com/

For those you with Norwegian ancestry – there’s also a Norway version as well.



  1. Thanks for the link. I have traveled to Sweden many times. I speak the language as well even though my ancestry covers German, French, Spanish.
    I love summers in Scandinavia!

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