Hilton Honors targeted offers: 100,000 free points for Diamond and double stay bonus for Gold

Gary from View from the Wing via Double Wides Fly posted a link to a targeted offer for Hilton Diamond members to receive 100,000 free Hilton Honors points.

100,000 free Hilton points?

100,000 free Hilton points?

Though I’m not a Diamond but a mere Gold, I thought I would try to register and see what would happen. I was given the following offer:

โ€œYouโ€™re now registered to take advantage of this exclusive offer. Each stay through April 30, 2015, will count double toward the number of stays needed to achieve your 2016 tier status. Book now and get a boost on upgrading your tier status today. โ€œ

As with all of these targeted offers, it’s always YMMV but take a few seconds to see if you qualified for some free Hilton points or a 2016 tier status.


  1. This worked for me (I am Diamond) and my Gold coworkers got other smaller offers. Awesome!!!

  2. I got a big fat You’re not eligible for this offer…guess HHonors Silver is exactly as valuable as I assumed ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I am starting to wonder if I am the only Gold that will get the 100K offer after 4 stays. Seems like all the other golds got the double stay offer. Which in itself is great as Diamond could be reached w/ just 30 nights instead of 60, which I easily do in 10 weeks thanks to my work schedule (3-4 nights/week in a hotel)

  4. As a gold, on the tracks to diamond with double stay! Thanks boarding area: i never received any e-mail although i was actually targeted.

  5. Thanks so much! My wife is a diamond and got an email and I didnt, so rang the Diamond help desk and was told not entitled as it was targeted. I just hit your link and lo and behold 100,000 points!! Thanks for the extra night at Conrad Rigali! I will be singing your praises as I snorkel there!

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