Review of the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua Maui Hotel

After finishing up our time in Kihei, I had wanted to spend some time in the north West Maui area and finally decided on staying at the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua hotel. I redeemed 120,000 Marriott Rewards points for two nights in a standard room.

The main reason that I picked the Ritz-Carlton was for their large pool area which with three kids is obviously very important to them. My kids were also excited about the prospect of going in the hot tub without any restrictions as most community pools require a minimum age of 14 to enter the holy grail of hot water.

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Review of the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua Maui Hotel

We drove from Kihei up to the Ritz-Carlton property and went to check-in. The rooms are gorgeous. A 55 inch flat-screen TV was pretty popular with my kids. There were dark wood floors and two queen beds overlooking the pool.


The plush bed

The plush bed

The desk area

The desk area


We spent the majority of our time at the pool and doing various activities.




There is a children’s pool, a hot tub, several open pools, plus an adult hot tub, and adult pool.

There are plenty of free pods, lounger beds, and regular chair everywhere. In addition, there are rentable covered cabanas for $100 and rentable deluxe cabanas for $300 including a sofa, TV, water, etc.




Beds, loungers, and pods

Beds, loungers, and pods

There were several times where there was inclement weather with a driving rain where we had to run for cover under towels.

On the property, there are lots of games for kids and adult including a putting green, shuffleboard, bocce ball, bean bag toss, and croquet. There is also a dedicated area for a playground.






There is a beach that is a bit of a walk from the main resort area called D.T. Fleming Beach where the kids enjoyed doing boogie boarding.





Ask the front desk for some fish food and you can feed the fish right by the front entrance.


There is a mandatory resort fee of $35 which includes internet service, shuttle service within the resort, photo session, and resort activities. In addition, there is a self-parking fee of $22 per day and $30 for valet parking.

The property is first rate, the pool is vast, this property is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the area. It truly is a secluded beautiful property – just be prepared to pay a premium for luxury.

Resort Facts
– 463 rooms
– Six restaurants
– Pool
– Kid’s pool
– Playground
– Spa
– Tennis court, basketball court, swimming, and surfing.
– Shuttle is available for transportation within the resort.
– 24 hour fitness center
– 24 hour business center


  1. Hello Jason,

    Just wondering, how did you end up redeeming on 80k points for 2 nights?
    We’re going to the same property in August for 5 nights and it came out to 240k points and that’s with the 5 night option.

  2. Brings back memories. This was my first redemption of hotel points of any kind about 15 years ago, back when I earned points the hard way (not via credit card sign-ups). I remember flipping through a Marriott Rewards mailer and saw this listed at a promotional rate of 100k or 120k for 7 nights.

  3. Heading to Maui next summer and Kauai. Wonder if you think the RItz is to quiet and boring for my 4 kids ages 17-24. Trying to decide between Hyatt Regency. Ritz or Wailea Marriott.

  4. @karen – I don’t think it would be boring. there is top notch snorkeling north of here – it is a little drive but we saw tons of turtles, coral, etc. the prices for food are insane but we always left to go eat. I haven’t stayed at the others so I can really say. The weather can be nasty here compared to other spots.

  5. @jason – Thanks.. I was a little worried about the weather.. Snorkeling is one of the main reason we are coming to Maui. Where did you go to see the turtles ?
    I might try to get the 5 night travel package for my husband and myself from Marriott.. Use it at Marriott and have 200k points to use towards the airfare. If I can luck out and they let me buy the 5 night package.

  6. @Jason I thought I would have to make some calls to the Marriott help desk. Thanks for clearing it up!

  7. So this property charges resort fees on award stays as well? It’s outrageous to have to pay $70 or so just to use your points here

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