Forged by fire, honed by ice. Horseback riding in Iceland

My wife and I had found some really cheap tickets to Iceland many years ago and decided to visit. Iceland is a unique country with a beautiful landscape.

My wife and I enjoyed our time so much that I find myself rooting for Icelanders including the recent success at the Euro 2016 soccer tournament by the Icelandic soccer team. I’m also fans of several Icelandic artists like Sigur Ros, Bj√∂rk, and Of Monsters and Men.

The reason for hereness seems beyond conjecture.
There are no trees or trams or architecture.
Fruits and greens are insufficient for heatlh,
And culture is limited by lack of wealth.
The tourist signs have nothing like Stonehenge.
The literatures is all about revenge.
And yet I like it if only because this nation,
Enjoys a scarcity of population.

– W.H. Auden, Letters from Iceland.

I have gone horseback riding exactly once in my entire life prior but the uniqueness of being able to ride on Icelandic horses made me go ahead and book a horseback excursion with Ishestar.

Famed for their strength, stamina, and small size – the Icelandic horse is chunky, truck set, and muscular. They have adapted to the cool climate by growing a thick, shaggy coat. Horses taken outside of Iceland can never return. Owners or riders must sell their horse after competitions abroad to prevent disease or inbreeding. The Iceland horse remains a pure breed within the county.

We arrived and were given warm gear as the weather in October in Iceland is quite chilly.

The Icelandic horse

The Icelandic horse

We were introduced to our horses. I was a bit concerned due to their small size as to how they would handle someone like myself that is quite large in stature. I was assured that the horses are very stocky and would handle my girth with ease.


The start of the ride went smoothly. The horses were quite docile and road with ease.

The amazing scenery

The amazing scenery

They were about 20 folks on our excursion. The horses walked down the trail in a slow, methodical way.

Scan 10

Scan 11

Scan 13

Scan 16

About half way into the riding tour, we stopped for a break. It was an enclosed area so the horses could walk around. It was a beautiful spot.

Scan 26

At the end of the tour, my wife’s horse and three others got spooked by a loud noise. They all started running and bucking. Myy wife had to pull back on the reins with all of her strength to keep from falling off. Unfortunately the other three riders fell off. Fortunately there were unharmed.

Scan 27

Scan 28

I haven’t had a desire to go another horseback ride since we returned from Iceland but this tour was one of the coolest, unique things I’ve done. I love the serenity of a quite tour with amazing scenery in the background.

This blog is a document of my travels abroad. This particular activity happened many years ago and therefore the information should be simply viewed as a documentation of the event. Please check more current reviews of this company if you decide to go.

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