A hiker who was lost in a Hawaii forest for two weeks has been found!

Amanda Eller, a yoga instructor in Maui, disappeared May 8th weeks ago while on a hike in the Hawaii forest. She apparently got lost and injured on that hike and her friends and family have searched for her since her disappearance.

Courtesy FindAmanda Facebook page

Her car and cell phone were in the parking lot by the trail. Searchers have been looking for her the past two weeks.

Amanda and her father. Courtesy FindAmanda Facebook page

Yesterday she was “found between two waterfalls down a deep ravine in a creek bed. ”

Courtesy FindAmanda Facebook page

Amanda survived by eating berries including guava and strawberries to survive. I am so happy that this story had a happy ending and that she appears to be malnourished but otherwise in good physical condition.


  1. For once, alive and not murdered or molested. Hip hip hurray.

    Usually if there is a murder, the first suspect is the woman’s husband, boyfriend, or wife, even if they are fake crying and begging that the killer turn themselves in.

  2. This ‘story’ smells. Lost in Maui? For over 2 weeks? Even blithering idiots know water flows to the ocean – just follow any stream and you’d quickly find a path/road.

  3. Awesome! I heard about this and assumed tragedy- either kidnapped or fell down a ravine and trapped/injured never to be found. Those ravines are no joke and cell phones don’t work (even if she had had hers on her). If injured I can’t imagine how frightened she was. First rule of getting lost- don’t move unless you KNOW you will find a path. Which would mean you aren’t lost. I’d also note a ton of waterfalls lead to a cliff fall into the ocean in Hawaiian islands….not a road @Ron.

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