The mummy of Pharaoh Ramesses II received a passport in the 1970s so he could fly to Paris

Ramesses II was considered one of the most powerful pharaohs of all time. During his reign, he help to enlarge the empire of Egypt and is called the “Great Ancestor”.

Following his death, priests moved his body from location to location to prevent looting.

In the 1970s, Egyptian authorities sought out experts that could help preserve the mummy of Pharaoh Ramesses II as it was rapidly deteriorating. They found these experts in Paris and agreed to transport the mummy to France for the restoration project.

During this time anyone leaving Egypt, whether alive or deceased, was required to have the proper papers. Therefore, the Egyptians went through the process of issuing a passport to Ramesses II.

A mockup of what his passport might have looked like

The French were able to discover a lot about Ramesses II during their examination including that he was a redhead and that discovery suggests that he came from a family of redheads. He also had arthritis which made him walk with a hunched back.


  1. what a picture..I love everything about ancient Egypt and seeing a pharaohs picture on a passport thats hilarious..

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