Coronavirus free islands for sale starting at $1,000,000

With the seemingly endless stories of the spread of the coronavirus throughout the world, there is a segment of the real estate market offering coronavirus free habitation on islands.

The website features a exhaustive listing of all of the islands around the world currently for sale. The cheapest one is Major Island in Quebec, Canada.


For only $1,000,000 you can own this island comprising of 530 acres. However, you do need to know that adding a tunnel for only $5,000,000 will help the property value.

Estimates predict that the combined value of the property’s lots will more than quadruple to over USD 12,000,000 when access is provided to the island via a tunnel. New technologies from The Boring Company and Hypersciences Inc. have brought the cost of the 400-yard tunnel needed to access the island down to well below USD 5,000,000.

On the higher end is Rangyai Island in Thailand just east of Phuket. Though only consisting of 110 acres total, it does come with fresh water, an electric generator, and mobile signal for $160,000,000.

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If you’re looking for a place to escape it all and have a few million to burn, you might be able to find the right uninhabited island that suits your family but most importantly comes without the coronavirus.

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