Woman Who Sneaked into Closed Yellowstone National Park to Take Pictures Fell into Thermal Feature near Old Faithful

A woman, desperate for pictures of Old Faithful, snuck into Yellowstone National Park yesterday. Yellowstone National Park is closed because of the coronavirus.

While backing up to take pictures of Old Faithful, she fell into a thermal feature. The temperature of the water in Old Faithful can reach above 350 degrees.

During an eruption, the water temperature at the vent has been measured at 204°F (95.6C). The steam temperature has been measured above 350°

Courtesy Mark Hillary https://www.flickr.com/photos/56087830@N00

Rather than contacting anyone for help, she got back in her car and drove another 50 miles before finally being stopped by park officials. She was immediately flown to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Visitors to Yellowstone National Park are cautioned to never leave the boardwalks. In 2016, a tourist who wandered off the boardwalk fell into an acidic thermal pool and died.

Hat Tip to NBC Montana


  1. Some people just can’t get it through their head that posted signs apply to them…not just those other people. Morons keep coming iut of the woodwork!

  2. It’s not sneaked! It’s snuck. I hate people who post crap and have no grasp of the English language

  3. Snuck is slang for sneaked, which is actually correct. Perhaps it’s Billybob that needs a grasp on English!

  4. Look it up. Per Grammerly, “Sneaked is the past tense of sneak when the verb is treated like a regular verb. Snuck is the past tense of sneak when the verb is treated like an irregular verb. Some people frown upon snuck, so if you’re in doubt about which form to use, sneaked is always the safer option.”

  5. Come on Billybob, be honest, you just hate anyone who does not speak English.

  6. Who really cares if the word is right or not, we knew what they meant. Why do people feel the need to correct every person’s grammar?? It’s really petty. The story was about the woman who couldn’t follow the rules.

  7. I enjoid theeze comments moor then than thee actually storie thanx freinds

  8. I hope she’s ok, she probably got injured and burned/steamed. Can you imagine how strong she was to climb up and drive herself?
    What a strong will to live!

  9. LOL —

    Actually, it’s sad. I get it she didn’t see the signs; maybe she didn’t?? I’m happy for this post. Now if I visit– I know this –

    I’m the worst at grammar- I had someone get so rude with me once on a blog over — your and you’re — since then, I pay attention- however- I see people misuse it all the time.

    I can never figure out where the commas go and thank a smart person for spell check- I look so important–

    It’s sad- it’s a scary time right now – 2 months off work (with pay) and not even enjoying it.

  10. It bothers me when someone who writes an article for a website misuses words or could have made a better choice in which word to use. I think sometimes they think it sounds right in their head so it must be right when in reality another word would have been a better word to use. What bothers me also is when someone is correcting someone and they dont get it right either and it makes them appear to be a dumbass. What bothers me the most are the people pointing out that the one trying to correct the person who made the original post had gotten in wrong, have no idea which one is right but want to comment on someone being a dumbass, when in fact they are a dumbass too. Had they not read the one comment, posted by the one person, that knew what the actual rule for proper grammer is; they would not have known who was right and who was wrong. So most all of us on this thread end up sounding like dumbasses because that one person actually listened in English 101 and the rest just agreed.

  11. While the scalding was an avoidable accident, the damage will be with her for as long as she lives. Her motivation was pure, her rule avoidance may have cost her life. Yes, grammar and spelling are important. My wish is for a universal improvement in both from internet texting and messaging. We can (and should) check our grammar and spelling with each posting. It’s a great opportunity for self-improvement. However, I get it some don’t care. The world needs ditch diggers too. I used to live in Montana. Park visits were frequent. The park environment has many dangers we may have never encountered before.

  12. Yes when I am corrected it give me an opportunity to do a self check too improve and not criticize the messenger they are entitle too their ow opinion . # broken language # working on me # my opinion # constructive criticism#

  13. Well as the saying goes,”if you’re going to be stupid, you better be strong !!” She must be strong as hell by now!!!!

  14. If the National Parks would prosecute these people to the fullest extent of the law, less people would ignore the rules.

    Ban her from visiting National Parks for 5 years.

  15. Its funny how most of the coments go for Wrong or right
    Writing when the women who is the actual news esta’olvidada en el helicoptero y no la recuerdan ya disculpas si escribi mal have a nice safe with no hot falls day todos los quiero mucho

  16. I love discussions about language. English is constantly evolving, in different directions in different areas. When i was a youngster, “sneak” was considered s vulgar word and so was not conjugated. Now that sneak is an acceptable word it might be ‘sneak, sneaked, has sneaked,’ or it might also be ‘sneak, snuck, has snuck’. Does it matter? Only to a non-native english-speaker trying to learn the language. Maybe.

  17. Ouch! I hope her lesson in steam bathing has a positive outcome for her on wrinkles at a minimum. Steam works for clothes so who knows!

  18. Sneaked or snuck who really cares you know what they’re talking about just chill life is too short

  19. I can’t agree with the “who cares, we know what they meant” attitude. That’s the attitude of the next generation coming up, the ones growing up with the combined knowledge of all humanity at their fingertips but they’ll never know it because: SNAPCHAT. What’s going to happen when they run the show? What about if/when the power grid or satellites or whatever goes down and smart phones are reduced to nothing more than paper weights? Everyone will be pointing and grunting like cavemen, and you know what? Everyone will probably know what they mean, but we should aim higher.

  20. That person who fell into the acidic thermal pool is still there. The Park people could not reach their remains. They had left the boardwalk walking on the thin crust and went through the crust into boiling water wanting a photograph. Ever boiled a chicken, Grab a chicken leg and the flesh comes off the bone. That tourist is now part of the attraction.

  21. i just snucked here to say,leave the poor woman alone. im sure she has already suffered plenty and will likely do so for the rest of her life. btw, those signs are more of a suggestion than a commandment. do you see the bison sticking to the boardwalks? im pretty sure that they have already found all the thin spots over the last few million years. there you go grammar police, pick it apart. im gonna sneakively back out of here, i dont wanna get into hot water with anyone.

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