Jeffrey Epstein’s Island A Trending Destination In Recently Released Microsoft Flight Simulator Game

Jeffrey Epstein’s private island in the Virgin Islands is one of the most popular destinations for gamers in the Microsoft Game Flight Simulator.

Four day ago the long awaited update to the popular Flight Simulator was released for PCs. Flight Simulator uses Bing Maps to recreate popular destinations, roads, and maps.

Players of the game have used coordinates to fly to Jeffrey Epstein’s island in the Virgin Islands.

It seems many players had the same idea as the island is swamped with other planes from other users.

The user then decides to take justice in to his own hands by bringing an FBI plane to investigate.

@BoldlyBuilding2 on Twitter

The same user checks out other famous landmarks in the world.

Other users haven’t been impressed with the level of detail from Bing Maps including this shot of Bergen, Norway that looks creepy.

What have your impressions of Flight Simulator been for those who have played the game?



  1. Seems like you could take this a step further with a Bill Clinton or Susan Rice user name and a mock up of the Lolita Express plane 🙂

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