Free Pecan Pie Bites At Select Airports With A Delayed Or Canceled Flight

Thanksgiving week is going to be a really busy time for air travel. 2.24 milliion travelers were screened on Friday according to the TSA marking the busiest single day of air travel before the pandemic.

With that many people traveling, there are bound to be delays and cancellations of flights.

American Pecan is offering a hand with free pecan bites for folks with delayed or canceled flights in airports with a Farmer’s Fridge. Those airports are Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Newark, and Cincinnati. Exact locations of the Farmer’s Fridges can be found here.

a black board with white letters

Pecan bites available at these airports

In order to get your free pecan bites, you need to reach out to American Pecans by direct message to get your code at Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.


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