Over 4 years later, airline customer receives answer to her seating inquiry

A lot of times it is hard to get through a customer service phone line to get questions answered with airlines. Usually reaching out to a company via social media can speed up that process. I personally was trapped in Tahiti due to airplane issues and used Twitter to communicate with Delta Airlines to book an earlier flight on another airline.

A woman was flying on Jet2 in 2017 and reached out to customer service in order to find out if she and her friends could all sit together on the flight.

A request for 3 seats together

She never received an answer and forgot about her request.

Jet2 reached out this past week to see if she still needed help with her inquiry.

On the one hand, it’s good that Jet2 is following up on open tickets, but did they really expect that 4 1/2 years later, they could help?

Megan replied that in the end, she was able to sit together with her friends without the help of Twitter chat.

Other people decided to reply to the thread to get their unanswered customer service questions from other companies answered as well.


A resolution to a cold pizza from Oct 2019

In the end, Megan has had good humor about the whole incident and is looking forward to her upcoming Jet2 flight.


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