TIL Pilots And Co-Pilots Aren’t Allowed To Eat The Same Meal

A new video from Swedish YouTuber Mauri Hermundsson, under his channel Uppdrag Mat, was published today. It’s called “Lever en dag some en Svensk pilot” (Living a day as a Swedish airline pilot). In this clip, he asked the pilot if it’s true that pilots aren’t allowed to eat the same meal.

Loosely translated: “Is it true that you aren’t allowed to eat the same meals as the other pilots?” “Yes, that is correct. It also is included in the company rules. If one pilots gets sick, you don’t want to other pilot to be sick as well.”

It reminds me of the classic scene from Airplane! where the pilot ate the fish and started to display symptoms as the doctor was explaining that everyone who had fish was getting sick.

The rule about not eating the same meal is not regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration. Most airlines follow this through their own internal guidelines.

Through the rest of the Youtube episode, Mauri does cabin service.

Mauri also rides in the cockpit from Rome to Copenhagen.

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