The New Terminal B Gates In Salt Lake Are So Far That Passengers Have Resorted To Roller Blading

The Concourse B section of the Salt Lake City International Airport opened in October 2020 and passengers passing through are not happy with the distance from security.

From Google reviews of the airport “SLC is without a doubt the most poorly designed and least user friendly airport I have ever had the agonizing displeasure to travel through. You had better be prepared to walk… and walk… and walk… and walk some more.”

“Oh my goodness they have to do something to fix the mile-long walk from check-in to the B Gates”

“The worst airport set up i have experienced. You are literally walking 1-1.5mi to get from gates to baggage claims. Or even just from gate to gate.”

One passenger has resorted to roller blading through the Terminal and posted a video of his journey.

For those who don’t have roller blades, help is on the way. Phase 2 is set to open in 2024 and will include a central tunnel which will help cut down on walk times to Concourse B.


  1. I posted: “*LOL* C Gates are even farther and to top it off, TSA Pre check in is poorly managed.”

    Adding: I’ve been told why they built this airport in this method. Cost cutting measure and advocates feel that the “walk” is good for you/health AND you’re supposed to enjoy thew spectacular view of the Wasatch Mountains … most of which is blocked by the underground passageway.

    They do have a shuttle but the wait time is about as long as it takes you there by foot.

    Last year, they got $23 million additional funds to make improvements. The best things about this airport is leaving when the plane takes off.

  2. I have missed connections and had to wait 4-6 hours for the next flight. Luckily I am a Diamond member so I usually have been accommodated on the next flight. The Delta agent at B 21 told me that they close the gate for boarding 15 minutes early as it is a long walk down the ramp to the bus, then there is the bus ride and my flight was parked at the end of the line.
    I avoid SLC at all costs and go through ATL and even SEA to avoid it. Have the people who designed this airport ever flown???? What a disaster.

  3. Clearly not thinking about those with medical or mobility issues or families traveling with strollers and young children.

  4. I had a legal connection on a Delta mainline in “A” right at the escalator to a commuter in “B”. I was in FC bulkhead. I’ve been to this fiasco before. We landed on time. I bolted out the door and barely made my connection as I was hearing the gate agent at the end of “B” calling my name for the last time. Not sure what the thought process was/is. Are they going to build a train in the near future????

  5. When Delta built their new terminal in Detroit, they put trams over the walk ways….Penny pinching is NOT the way to make customers happy

  6. Getting to B, and especially regional jets with buses from end of B, is a very long walk from check in, SkyClub, or many A gates. Getting to SkyClub from A1 has to be over a mile and if you are coming back after SkyClub visit to another low number A gate, its nearly double the hike. Just wait until the other side of SkyClub opens an additional equal length gate area to that of already opened A25-A1. Why they didn’t put a train in is mind boggling, or did I miss the announcement?

  7. Great SkyClub, but short connections and long distance between gates means I don’t visit it very often.

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