Seated Passenger and Daughter Removed From Hawaiian Airlines Plane for “Invalid Ticket”

Ryan Demarre and his daughter of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, were sitting on a Hawaiian Airlines flight waiting for takeoff. They had gone through all security lines and had their boarding passes scanned at the gate in order to board the plane to Maui.

They were approached by Hawaiian Airlines staff who asked them to leave the plane because of an “invalid ticket”


Hawaiin airlines kicked us off the flight for an “invalid” ticket. How do we get through security and on a plane with a minor with an invlaid ticket? #hawaiianairlines #kickedout #maui

♬ original sound – R Demar

Once he was off the plane, the agents told him that they’re trying to figure out why the ticket was invalid. When Ryan asked if he is going to be able to still fly on this flight, he was told that he will not make this flight but his bag will still fly on the Hawaiian flight to Maui.

Some commenters wondered if the tickets had been purchased through a third party. Ryan replied that he had purchased his tickets in March on Hawaiian Airlines website with his Hawaiian Airlines credit card.

In the meantime, after not being able to fly on that flight, he walked over to Delta and purchased a $2000 ticket in order to get to Maui as planned.

Ryan has promised to post an update with additional details.



Hawaiian Airlines meased up. Explanation #hawaiianairlines #deltaairlines #fyp #maui #kickedoffmyflight

♬ original sound – R Demar


  1. So odd how would they be able to check a bag with an invalid ticket or even issue a boarding pass that scans at the gate

    Is their IT that antiquated / open loop hole

  2. This Hawaiian Pualani Platinum FF can only say Hawaiian’s antiquated web-site and app can be so annoying at times. They are sooo “Hawaiian” (e.g. operates on “island time”, etc.). However, their staff are great and super friendly (imo).

  3. He posted an update – said he ‘called hawaiian airlines’ when he booked no further details. Not clear if he reached a scam agent call center or not.

    At the end of his update he posted as screenshot of a plusgrade offer for the return OGG-SEA – not clear whether he bid on that or not

  4. He says his daughter’s ticket was valid

    Wonder if he was booking using the hawaiian credit card companion discount voucher and the phone agent mixed it up in the process of applying the discount

    He hasn’t verified if the charge on his card statement is from hawaiian / has ticket numbers

  5. Wow in contest for shit Airline of the year, way to piss off a paying customer big time :/
    This i so typically dramatic American, why the hell not resolve this on the Ground in OGG or way before the flights departure, but no they have to literally drag him of the plane last minute, in front of the other pax, with no answer to him, they just keep muttering “invalid ticket” like som retards… Jesus Christ man

  6. Hey MilesQuest Webmaster… How about deleting the racist, hatemonger post on what is normally a good board. HATE and disrepect cheapen your posts. Don’t worry about Chris. He’ll find a spot on one of the NAZI chatboards.

  7. By law the plane cannot take off with the baggage if they passenger is not on. He should have called far a TSA agent and railed hell.

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