Hotel Guest Admits To Defecating In Front Of Hotel When Confronted With Video Evidence

A manager at a Super 8 is highlighting some of the challenges associated with running a hotel. Super 8 is one of the largest budget hotels with over 2,000 locations.

Yesterday, Tiktok user @rjmanager posted a video of a confrontation with a hotel guest who shit in front of the hotel. I typed up the transcript for your enjoyment.

Guest: Hello?

Front Desk: Hello is this Kevin?

Guest: Yes

Front Desk: This is the front desk at Super 8. Could you explain to me why you thought it would be okay to take a shit right outside our building?

Guest: whoa, whoa, whoa, what, what what?

At this point, Kevin is trying to act super confused as to why he would be accused of shitting in front of a Super 8. Deny, deny, deny!

Front Desk: You were on camera. Did you not realize there are cameras around our entire building?

Guest: I did not.

I’m surprised at this point that Kevin didn’t continue to deny that it was him, but he must have understood that he was caught.

Front Desk: so why would you do that?

Guest: I, I, I (inaudible), I completely forgot

Front Desk: Then why didn’t you tell me like hey I really have to take a number 2, and I could have probably let you back into your room.

Guest: I’m going to need to call you back.

Front Desk: Yeah man, not cool. You are never welcome at Super 8 ever again.

Guest: Ok.

You can watch the entire encounter here.

I think Kevin has hit rock bottom by being banned by Super 8.


  1. Two different homeless men pooped by my house. I first thought it was terrible when a man pooped in a bag, which I saw him do, then left the plastic bag. He didn’t even wipe. I later thought more highly of the man after another man simply pooped on my driveway. The same man stole mail and dumped the unwanted parts of the stolen mail on my driveway. He later shoplifted some steaks and threw them on the driveway, uneaten and uncooked.

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