Man Tears Out Pages From Passport To Hide Affair From Wife, Is Arrested

A man from India thought he had created the perfect plan to hide his affair with his girlfriend from his wife. Samdarshi Yadav told his wife that he was traveling within India on business. Samdarshi actually boarded a plane and headed abroad to meet his girlfriend.

A few days into his trip, his wife called him multiple times as she had become suspicious of his whereabouts. Samdarshi didn’t take any of the calls as he knew he would crack under cross examination.

Instead, he hatched a plan to simply tear out the pages of his passport showing the entry and exit from his trip abroad.

Upon his arrival back in Mumbai, India, border officials noticed his passport had torn out pages and began to question him. Samdarshi finally confessed to the overseas trip to meet his girlfriend and his plan to hide it from his wife. He was arrested for altering a passport and the case is currently ongoing.

There is no report on the consequences for Samdarshi yet of his failed plot.



  1. There is a particular technique in tearing pages gently. Looks like he tore the full booklet out.
    If he had simply torn 1-2 pages, he would have been okay

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