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13 Free US and Canada Lonely Planet Iphone Apps

The Lonely Planet is offering 13 US and Canada IPhone Apps for free this week only. You must reside in the US. These usually cost $7.99 each. Boston Chicago Las Vegas Los Angeles Miami Montreal New Orleans New York City San Francisco Seattle Toronto Vancouver Washington DC For our Australian readers: Boston Chicago Las Vegas…

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13 Free Lonely Planet Travel Guide Apps

Due to the massive amount of snow in Europe, the Lonely Planet is giving away thirteen of their travel guide apps for iphone, ipod touch, and ipad for free! Only available for 48 hours Lonely Planet Copenhagen Guide Lonely Planet Munich Guide Lonely Planet St Petersburg Moscow Map Offline Guide Lonely Planet Dublin Guide Lonely…

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I’ve earned 1000 Priority Club points so far

I wrote about TopGuest.com partnering with Priority Club to offer 50 priority club points per day for checking in to a Priority Club property via Foursquare, Gowalla, or Twitter. I just hit my 20th consecutive day of doing this which means I’ve earned 1000 points so far. And as Gary wrote it’s going to take…

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