Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya – Coconut Grove Beach Resort

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I woke up in the morning and headed to the breakfast buffet that they had set up. It was very nice with a great selection. They had an omelette station as well where they would make any type you want.

Fresh omelettes

Fresh omelettes

As it was morning I finally had a chance to get a good look at the room. I had been given a suite and it was gigantic. From the outside, it looked like it was it’s own cottage.

Entrance to the cottage

Entrance to the cottage



The cottage was separated from any other rooms at the resort. Out on the patio were a couple of chairs to lounge in. As you walked into the door, there was a separate room with a couch and a TV in there.



There was separate door that led into the main bedroom.



There was then a hallway that led into the main bathroom.



There was then yet another bathroom that had the shower in it.


Further down the hall was a full, huge kitchen with refrigerator, plenty of counter space and cupboards.




I hadn’t planned to make any meals there – but if I had, I certainly would have had all the tools in order to do it.

The Coconut Grove was really nice – certainly not luxurious by American standards but just a really nice, clean place. It was right up against a beach with plenty of space to lounge around. There is a separate pool which was a perfect size as well. They also had a crocodile pit in the middle of the golf course which I unfortunately did not take any pictures of.

There wasn’t any central air conditioning in the room, but air conditioning units inside kept the room nice and cool.

The overall resort is huge with plenty of meeting space for business meetings an lots of area to walk around and relax. My stay was peaceful and overall it would be a place to return to in someone was looking for a nice, clean, safe area to vacation in.

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