Tips on dumping prepaid Visa Cards

From time to time deals will come along that include a prepaid Visa Card. For example, the Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Digital Photo Inkjet Printer goes on sale for $300 with a $250 prepaid Visa card as a rebate.

The problem I find with prepaid visa cards is that it’s a pain to track the balance and if you use it to make a purchase and return that purchase, the refund goes back on the Visa Card meaning you have to keep the card around.

So here’s how I deal with prepaid gift cards – I find ways to prepay bills.

My cell phone, electric, and car insurance companies all accept Visa and Mastercard.

I therefore just use the entire prepaid car balance to prepay those bills. 

For me, the ease of dumping the entire balance all at once is attractive. I don’t have to worry about the balance or maintenance fees. 


  1. Pre-pay for sure, though as long as it’s not a 5x Ink category!

    Loading to Amazon is pretty good too, especially with the 3x Jet Blue portal on Amazon purchases which includes using an Amazon balance.

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