Michael Oher, inspiration for the Blind Side movie, blindsides an Uber drive

Michael Oher, an offensive lineman for the Carolina Panthers, has been cited for alleged assault of an Uber driver.

Oher was the inspiration behind the movie “The Blind Side”.

ESPN is reporting that an argument broke out between Oher and the Uber drive regarding how well the driver knew directions.

The argument continued at the destination of the ride as Oher and the driver got out of the car. The report said “the victim then put his hands towards the suspect’s face and the suspect pushed him down onto the ground.”

The report said the driver also claimed “that the suspect then kicked him in the leg while he was on the ground.”

The other passengers then got out of the car and restrained Oher, according to the report.

Oher has recently tried to distance himself from “The Blind Side” movie by stating that he’s moved on.

Oher will appear in court on May 8 to face the charges.

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