“This isn’t the Brexit I voted for” UK traveler furious at airport wait time in the Netherlands

A traveler passing through Schiphol airport in the Netherlands was furious with the wait times at the airport and took to social media to express his anger.

Brexit anger

Many commenters on his post have taken their opportunity to try and mock him for his support of Brexit.

“What on earth did you expect? Preferential treatment because you come from the UK?”

The Independent reached out to Schiphol airport representatives who denied that any passport services had changed for UK citizens.

A spokesperson for Schiphol told The Independent there had been no changes for British travellers arriving at the airport.

“New Royal Netherlands Marrechaussee staff members were being trained yesterday, leading to longer queues at the passport control than usual,” the spokesperson said, adding that there would be no further changes while negotiations are ongoing between the UK and EU.


  1. @Oh Matron

    Celts, French, Germans, and Nordic types are a far cry from the predominant type of immigrants who have been coming to Britain for the last 40 years. All the above share common genetic traits and more or less look the same. Just like with the Dutch, British, Germans and Spaniards in Florida who formed America, and latter a Italians and Irish, being completely different than the type of immigrants coming today.

    @Jon Lawrence

    Europe has been dealing with colonialism and invasion for 1700 years. The Arab conquest of North Africa into France, the mongols and Genghis Khan, and the Ottomans come to mind.

  2. @Johnson Adam, I love it whenever hypocrites like you open their mouth. I take it you never heard about invasion of other people’s land and even looted their wealth and it called colonialism. Imagine if we have to bring back the Aussies, the New Zealanders and our white Americans back to Europe. Migration of people had been going on since Noah left the ark. Deal with your hypocrisy and selective history

  3. Johnson Adams. How do I put this? With careful consideration….

    “The very genetic fabric….”

    Well, that genetic fabric is a mix of:

    The celts, who originated from Central Europe
    The vikings, who originated from Denmark / Sweden
    The french
    The Angles / Saxons from Germany / Netherlands

    That’s quite a diverse genetic mix.

    The UK has always been a country of people’s from all over the world. And if you think that this open door policy threatens what you call “the genetic fabric” then I pity you.

  4. Keeping the political comments on the side… I’m curious if a treaty will be enacted whereby UK citizens will be able to use the EU line just as Swiss citizens use the EU lines…and the EU lines at Swiss airports…

  5. So if there is a delay in US customs, people should say (in 2012) “Obama? This is not what I voted for” or (in 2018) “Trump? This is not what I voted for”

    On the other hand, some things are bound to happen and the voter is at fault for voting for it. One example will be “Free Medicare for All, Paid for by The Rich”. Terrible. No one insurance plan is good for all. No system is great when there’s only one airline. Public option Medicare is bad if it is subsidized and it is currently. Medicare for old people is paid for by all so Medicare for All people will be paid by all plus the Medicare for the old.

  6. He’s been duped to vote for it, now he’s complaining…

    Sounds just like the imbeciles, redneck trump deplorables across the pond

  7. @MB

    You sound like an anti white bigot. If 40 million whites were flooding Japan you would call it genocide of the Japanese people. The same if 500 million Chinese forced their way into India. You wouldn’t have a problem with the Indian guy being concerned for the future of his people. But when it comes to white countries you don’t think they are entitled to a safe space for their own people. You literally are preaching genocide against whites through immigration.

  8. Dear Johnson Adams – you sound like our sociopath President, Donald Trump. Blaming immigrants for taking jobs is a racist trope and not based in fact. The truth is Britain’s unemployment rate has been below 5% since 2016. The same is true in the US where it has not been above 5% since 2015. Saying that immigration threatens the “genetic fabric of Britain” sounds like the words of a white supremacist. It was Hitler who said “What we must fight for is to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and our people”. You sound just like him. Sick, truly sick!!!

  9. People who voted for Brexit voted to curb the bad immigration policies that have turned London upside down and threaten the very genetic fabric of Britain. People voted for less burdensome EU regulations that cripple its economy and puts Brits out of work. Anyone who seriously voted for Brexit isn’t going to complain about standard immigration wait times. At JFK I waited for an hour on line as a citizen with a 8AM arrival.

  10. What an idiot. Whilst the UK has left the EU, we are still under a standstill agreement with the EU so nothing has changed. He will have been in the EU line (unless he was in the wrong line) and, as it looks like they are using machines, it’s probably due to a machinery breakdown.

    After the end of the year, things might change, but time will tell which line UK citizens will go into. The chances are high that it will remain the EU line, much as it’s intended that EU citizens (along with US citizens) can continue using the same line when arriving in the UK. This will depend upon the willingness of the EU to share information with the UK.

    It’s a shame that this man is ignorant, as well as most of the “commenters”.

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