DEPORTM Vanity License Plate Creates Controversy

A Utah resident,Matt Pacenza, took a picture of a controversial license plate while he was driving. “DEPORTM” seemed to cross boundary of decency.

It’s not the first time that there was been controversy in Utah regarding vanity license plates. A few years ago someone had the vanity license plate “FUHRER”.

Photo courtesy of Celeste Barker

Both the “DEPORTM” and “FUHRER” vanity plate were flagged for review after complaints from citizens about the offensiveness of them and ultimately revoked.

Vanity license plate requests that were turned down

Fox 13 did a public records request of other license plate applications that fortunately were turned down. Highlights include:

  • LIT
  • B00YA
  • 69YUP
  • BB00TY
  • G0C0CKS
  • SHAG
  • Comments

    1. Once I saw a driver give the middle finger to another driver. I would never have remembered that except that the license plate was very memorable. I still see that car from time to time.

    2. It’s controversial but many self included support the message wholeheartedly.

    3. Kckgas is offensive? Why? Jealous of someones fuel economy? Agree about vanity plates – great way for another driver to remember the person who offended them – whether it was a real or imagined slight.

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