Man Moved into Closed Springhill Suites, Planned to Use Stolen Surveillance Equipment to See If Anyone Was Coming

A man decided to move into a hotel that was temporarily closed because of the coronavirus. Randy James Urban moved into the Springhill Suite in Lehi, Utah and planned to stay there until the hotel opened back up again.

Caught in the act. Photo from Utah County Sheriff’s Office

Randy had used a shovel to break a window on a first floor room and had moved his things in there. He also had stolen items from the hotel including food, an internet router, a computer and surveillance equipment.

He told officers he was planning on setting up the surveillance equipment in order to hide from anyone that approached the closed hotel.

I always feel like somebody’s watching me

Apparently his foolproof plan hadn’t been implemented yet. It is unclear how long he had been living at the Springhill Suites. Randy is currently in the Utah County Jail.

Hat tip to the Herald Extra

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