Video: Fists Fly On Flight As Passenger Refuses To Wear A Mask

A flight from Mesa, Arizona to Provo, Utah on Allegiant Air turned into a brawl after a passenger refused to wear a mask.

A passenger wearing a face shield refused to put on a mask. According to the policy by Allegiant Air, “face shield must be worn in addition to face covering, but not as an alternative.” He refused to put on a face mask even when instructed by flight staff.

Passengers started yelling at the man with the face shield to put on his mask. That’s when fists starting flying.

The video captures right after the man with the face shield was grabbing one of the passengers who had instructed him to put on his mask.

The man with the face shield was taken off the flight at the Phoenix-Mesa airport.

His behavior isn’t exactly surprising as Utah County is the home of Provo, Utah and is experiencing over 1000 new cases daily. In fact, the mayor of Provo rejected an ordinance on wearing masks.

This video is from an In-N-Out in Orem, Utah over the weekend where obviously no one is wearing a mask either.

In addition, students from Brigham Young University in August hosted a no mask back to school event by an event company appropriately called Young/Dumb.

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