Fox News Host Laura Ingraham Tries To Blame An Empty Dulles Airport On “Liberals”, Fails Miserably

Fox News host Laura Ingraham tried to blame “liberal governors” for a picture she posted at Dulles Airport on Twitter today.

Several astute followers commented that the picture was actually from the Lufthansa terminal.

Someone else stated that entire sections of the airport are empty depending on the time of the flights.

“Also, have you ever actually been to an international terminal before? Even pre-pandemic, it wasn’t uncommon for entire sections to be empty because international airlines don’t have very many flights.”

Another laid the entire reason at the feet of our current President.

What are you thoughts?



  1. Likewise. And any scum Trump supporters about to jump in… shut your soulless dumbA mouthes.

    Oh and thanks for the worst 4 political years the world has seen in my lifetime. That’s sarcasm btw (look it up).

    Bring on normality and Biden.

  2. I wish politics was boring again, when presidential speeches were predictable and uneventful, when Congress went mechanically through the process of legislating and passing bills. Bring on Biden.

  3. Andy, how sad it must be to lead such a miserable life waking up every morning with such hate. I on the other hand love my country, my life and family have had a Great 4 years, and no matter who wins I won’t be screaming at anyone to shut up, Twitter and Facebook are doing a great job of that! you really should see someone about your TDS.

  4. What a great article, and so many things come to mind:
    “You can’t fix stupid”
    “Stupid is, as stupid does”
    Her travel companion was wearing the t-shirt, “I’m with Stupid”.

    My favorite was when she got owned by the high schooler (by hitting her sponsors) that she tried to troll.

    The stack of Daddy issues must be epic for this woman to have so much hate.
    Crawl back into your hole, lady, and watch who you’re calling insane… houses, baby. 😀

  5. Agree with Al, Andy. The hate is ridiculous – I am so tired of it.. I didn’t vote for Trump (2x now) but I don’t label his supporters as the vitrol you spew. America is a great country and it’s going through some challenges but we are coming back as we always do. If you don’t like it, you can leave it. Let me know if it is Dulles you fly out of and Laura and I will see you off.

  6. Never seen so much hate as I see from the Democrats. They call themselves liberals but are intolerable of the position of 1/2 the country. Hypocrisy in action.

  7. I vote libertarian, but democrats are just so awful.
    Republicans aren’t a lot better, but democrats just seem to have so much hate in them about everything.


  8. I fly from Dulles consistently because I’m a consultant & based there. She’s actually correct, it’s been a ghost town when I fly out of there each week

  9. She poorly made her point. Yet there is something to consider there. Major lockdowns have major human costs. People die from economic distress, its just a lot harder to connect the two conditions.

  10. GGermans do not want vivid infected Texans that is what she means. If Texans were not so dumb to shut down early and stay safe this would not of happen . these liberals just do not want to get sick and die.

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